What you need to pay an attention to after installation is to maintain a good condition of crane & hoist.  We offer you an end-to-end service from crane check-up, maintenance, and overhaul.

Crane Check-up
To ensure work efficiency and maintain safety working condition, A Brothers Co.,Ltd. Offer 1 year crane check-up package which we will inspect onsite every quarter and issue certificate.
After using for a while, parts and components will start to deteriorate from usage or working environment and eventually causing crane to be unable to function properly.  A Brothers Co.,Ltd. is full of experienced technicians that could help to identify and solve your problems.
Years and Years of crane in operation, major erosion of parts and components usually occur. Crane is not in a good condition and may cause safety concern.  Instead of replacing with new hoist, machine overhaul is also an available option.Hoist will be disassembled. Next parts will be cleaned, machined, or even replaced. Finally, everything will be assembled together.