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 Electric Hoist We offer you variety brands of electronic hoist, both chain hoist and wire rope hoist, which were carefully selected to possess quality and widely accepted engineering standard.


Mitsubishi hoist S Type
S type series is heavy-duty type hoists for applications involving high frequency operations. Its hoisting speed and the duty class is the highest available. For more safety a microprocessor control circuit which automatically prevents overloading is installed.

Mitsubishi hoist M Type

For medium frequency use, M type series has been developed based on the next generation concept. It has beed designed for optimizing price and performance.


 Mitsubishi hoist R Type

R type is suitable for meduim frequency usage. It is structurally simple and economical with real capability. Its underline capability is actually one class higher, equiped with power and economical efficiency.


Mitsubishi hoist U Type
Mitsubishi original inverter specially developed for hoist ahs realized the miniaturization and versatility. Function, which detect the hook position and change to higher hoisting speed when zero load is detected, offer high level of operation efficiency.


Mitsubishi hoist UR Type
UR Type series is variable speed hoist. It offers very high in cost performance, excellent operativeness and energy conservation.